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When I first made artwork celebrating 2016, I had no :shock: idea just how crazy this year was going to be.  Everything from then on was insane Sanity is Overrated.  The Rio Olympics :flame: didn't really interest me much, but the campaigning for the election was just nuts I think I've fainted..  The whole thing felt like a circus :juggle: revamp, or a reality show/soap opera that was written by people who made up the plot as they went along.  I think I'm gonna quote Quote emote - NaNo23 dad when he told me the phrase: "I've seen more organized Shit Happens fights in the monkey Monkey Dance house at the zoo." 

Not only was this election full of drama, it also was vicious and very childish on both sides :catfight:.  I saw things I thought only happened in fictional tv dramas and cartoons, not real life! Shock Emote  I've lived through 9 elections, though I didn't really take an interest in any of it until 2000, when Bush Jr. was elected the first time and Al Snore whined WhEeeEeeEeEE about losing.  I didn't actually get to vote until 2004, when I was old enough.  Most of those elections were nowhere near as insane as this one :shivering: v2.  It also revealed a lot of really ugly things that people had been muttering about for years, but we weren't really sure if the rumors were true until now.  Like:

- The Republican Party was full of traitorous fakes called RINOs
- Washington is full of a bunch of idiots who have absolutely NO idea what the American People truly feel anymore
- the media TV truly has become a propaganda arm for the Left, they don't report on real news anymore (thank goodness for the internet, I quit watching 98% of tv, let alone the news, years ago)
- the media is also good at manipulating idiots on the left into their way of thinking
- there really are people pushing for an ideal known as the New World Order, and are hoping to one day push for a One World Government,
which our world Deviant World fella (Universe) is really not ready for at this time, and nobody accounts for just how easy it would be for evil, power-hungry people to usurp such a government
- socialists have come closer to succeeding in brainwashing brainwash our children into following their ideals through our public school system
- Hillary Clinton is even more of a monster than we originally thought
- the Elites of the country truly underestimated the power of the people :finger: rvmp, something they secretly despise

Nod I took great satisfaction in watching the Silent Majority (as we're known) giving a huge middle finger I'm This Unexcited to Washington on Election Day.  Now all the crybabies Cry emote will know how the rest of us felt when that traitor in the White House was elected in '08 and '12.  It's nice to finally see the torture shoe of defeat on the other foot.  The only difference was, nobody hired Conservatives to riot after those elections. 

I feel really sorry for Canada Flag of Canada.  A bunch of slimy, Moon celebrities vowed to move out of the US (quite a number of them to Canada) if Trump was elected, though now they look like the stupid fools :jester: they are, and some are now having to backtrack and say they were joking or kidding.  I laughed Laughing when I heard the immigration site to move to Canada crashed on Election Day.  Siberia, Venus, or Io would be better places for them to go.  Nobody would hear from them again, and nobody lives on the latter two worlds (with good reason, I might add).  I'd say, "Good riddance, and don't let the door hit you on the way out!" :kick: 

:happy: I look forward to seeing America United States of America go back to being the great nation it was.  It's high time we saved it from the cesspool it's turned into. Nod 
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gallagher101 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice to see someone with their head screwed on straight for once. I tip my hat to you!
LadyAquanine73551 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016
Thank you very much Thank you! Thank you! 
MerJazz Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016
That's Right We Must Do Our Best to Make This MORON Fired!
LadyAquanine73551 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016
We already fired the moron, twice, but he stayed in office.
MerJazz Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016
Darn It!
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