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:notsure: Well, this past weekend went partially well.  On the one hand, *Free Icon/Emote* Halloween Pusheen Halloween went great, and we did get kids at the door Dance!.  I was worried Worried we wouldn't, considering I didn't know how many families we had in this new place, nor if they would go to all the trouble of coming to our cul-de-sac.  But come they did, and in huge groups! :excited: Thank goodness we had enough candy!  Candy Corn 

I also learned a very important lesson about pumpkins Jack O Lantern, something I should have remembered as a kid: when carrying a pumpkin the size of a basketball, carry it by the body, not the stem Facepalm.  The stem popped off from the weight of the gourd, and I had to glue it back on so I could get the lid I later carved, on and off to light the candle inside.  (Tip: One of the best tools for getting the goop out is a large metal spoon with teeth on it The MOST UNDERATED utensil of all time, works great).  I really wanted to do a different carving this year, like a witch on a broomstick :witch:, or a werewolf Werewolf Howl, but frankly, I was too frazzled by everything else that had happened 2 days before, and just stuck to the classic Jack O' Lantern grin Pumpkin.  It's amazing how few people are into the old-school pumpkin carving these days :sigh:.  They think it's great just to carve a plastic pumpkin, though I have no idea how you do that Shrug.  One would think the plastic shell on artificial pumpkins would make the tools snap or something Scratch Head.  On the other hand, if you want to try an easier method, just painting the outside with a picture, or etching a face onto one of those little, itty bitty pumpkins :pumpkin: revamp (you know, the kind small enough you can hold them in your palm?) Pumpkin La  

Mom got my Rey Rey The Scavenger Emote costume done, and it worked out great!  It fits, it's comfy, and people actually recognized who I was supposed to be at the door! w00t! You know you've done the costume right when that happens.  I tried doing my hair like Rey did in The Force Awakens, but it turns out, her hairdo doesn't work so well with people who have long hair.  I didn't bother dyeing it dark brown (I'm not that gung ho when it comes to costumes), and frankly, I get the feeling that her hair is probably much shorter than mine, like shoulder-length or something Shrug.  When I got frustrated :frustrated: 'Revamp' with trying to make the little loops, I gave up and made three buns in a vertical row instead.  Those tendrils hanging in front of my ears were annoying, but at least people could tell what I was trying to do.  I tried borrowing my brother's lightsaber Green Lightsaber Emoticon , but I had nothing to attach it to my belt.  I also hadn't made that long, black, electrostaff she had, though I did borrow dad's bokken.  Didn't really need it, though. 

So Halloween went well.  I just wish I could say the same about last Friday :sighs:.  My poor brother had a disaster in his room.  I heard him yell "Ow!" and came to investigate.  Apparently the rain :thunder: we've been having leaked through his part of the roof, and has made the sheet rock on his ceiling soggy.  I mean, the poor guy was just doing his usual thing, playing WoW Night Elf - Female online, and all of a sudden, a panel of the ceiling swings down and smacks him in the shoulder.  He just barely dove out of the way before the avalanche Glomp Avalanche MSN ver. of broken sheet rock and gross brown insulation came raining down.  So when I saw the mess, I was mortified Shock Emote.  Had to call our parents over from various parts of the house.  It was pretty shocking.  I immediately went off to get trash bags Rubbish/trash bag, though our cleanup and damage control was slowed down by dad taking pictures Camera of the mess.  He wanted evidence of the disaster.  Then he helped the piece of sheet rock finish getting off the ceiling.  It's sitting in the garage as another piece of evidence.  So we all pitched in and cleaned up Chores.  I've cleaned up worse things than fluffy insulation and broken, soggy pieces of sheet rock, but it was still nasty.  You should have heard my dad, snarling and roaring like an angry papa bear Bb15 over what a fraud our home inspector had been when first looking over the house House.  The rest of us pointed out that the man had inspected the house on a dry, sunny Sun day in summer, not after weeks of rain in autumn Fall leaf - F2U.  There's no way he could have known about this.  Let's just say, the three roofers called the next day were not called Phonecall by dad, but mom.  She's actually the right kind of person to have in a crisis.  Many people stand around, looking for blame and starting fights Fight; she goes about fixing the problem first.  So now my brother's room has been cleaned (probably the first time in 3 months!) but he still has a hole in his ceiling :bademoticon:.  I'm hoping it won't give an encore performance in the near future. Worried  
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November 1, 2016