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:) (Smile) I've always had fun playing city-building games.  I have never played any of the Sim City games, but there are plenty of others out there.  My very first was Zeus Zeus: Master of Olympus, which I began to play in high school.  It was a historical fantasy game where you build cities in ancient Greece.  The fantasy part is where you have the various ancient Greek gods visiting and advertising to you, making offers should your people worship them.  I learned a great deal about the strategy Writing Emote - NaNo5 behind such games, so it was easy to take on the game's sequel, Poseidon.  It's very similar to Zeus, but you work with Atlanteans instead.  Both games were made by Sierra, and they also came out with this cool game I also enjoy, called Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.  That is where you build cities in ancient China.  Eventually I branched out and found other games to enjoy, such as Children of the Nile, and the Black and White 2 games.  Children of the Nile, is a lovely game where you can build cities in ancient Egypt :pharaohnoid:.  It's much better planned out than Pharaoh and Cleopatra.  Not as much in the way of fantasy, but it gives a much more realistic approach to what ancient Egypt might have been like Egypt, and I like how much better the graphics and virtual camera are in that.  Black and White 2 and Black and White 2: Battle of the Gods, were fantasy games where you played a god Oh Brother... that helps these little people in the world of Eden rebuild after a disaster.  I liked being able to use magic or train a giant creature (you had a choice of several in each game) to help the little people.  (I usually picked the wolf Rue Grin - he's my favorite).  It was actually a lot more cartoony than some of the city-building games I've played.  

I'm also a fan of science fiction Stars Orange, and it really bothered me that there were almost no sci-fi based city-building games out there.  At least, not made by the companies mentioned above.  The only one that came close was made by a British company back in '01 called Startopia.  In that one, you were an administrator who ran a space station Enter Space Station shaped like a torus (or doughnut, in Lehman's terms).  There were 9 alien Alien races that could visit, live, and work on your station, and you had various goals to shoot for.  In some of the sandbox scenarios, you could compete for space on the station with other computer-controlled players, which can be very challenging and a bit scary at times.  Again, very cartoony, but I love Love it.  In fact, I made some artwork based on the game a little while ago.  But still, it wasn't quite what I had in mind. 

Recently, I then heard of this fantastic game being made by Mothership UFO Entertainment that's going to be released next year.  It's called Aven Colony where you build cities on an alien world called Aven Prime, which is a large moon orbiting a gas giant in another solar system.  I was so excited :happybounce: .  This was exactly what I'd been hoping for, and even went as far as to buy the Beta and downloaded it to help test it.  So far, I've been impressed :happy:.  The graphics are gorgeous, and the developers really put some thought into this planet. 

Pink Planet Emoticon Aven Prime has a peculiar climate and biosphere.  From what I read, it has an atmosphere similar to Earth's but with a much lower oxygen content, and much lower air-pressure.  In fact, it's been compared to the environment at the top of Mount Everest RMountain.  Therefore, all the buildings in the colony have to be pressurized and connected with a closed system of walkways for colonists to use to get places.  You can see them walking about through the glass in the tunnels, and you can click on them to learn who they are.  The days are also very long, and each part of the day Sun has its own season.  In the morning, it's springtimecherry blossom, at noon it's summer Smiley soleil - Sun, in afternoon it's autumn Fall leaf - F2U, and at night, it's winter Snowy.  The game treats each "day" like a "year," though I don't think I'd go that far, considering a year on earth is not 36 hours long GiggleThe winters can have some violent weather, including lightning bolts :thunder: powerful enough to destroy buildings unless you set up lightning-rod towers.  There are other dangers, such as plague spores, floating aliens that mess up buildings, sand worms, toxic gas Rainbow Cloud Bullet - F2U! emissions from thermal vents, and other problems that I've seen before in other city-building games.  The different maps are interesting too.  Aven Prime has as diverse a set of climates as earth, with jungles, deserts, and snowy poles.  I thought it was cool how you can set up a Research Center and learn how to make food out of alien plants.  

I haven't seen many aliens, and they all appear to be "animals," non-sentients.  Personally, I think this is exactly how humans will meet the first aliens someday; as non-sentient "animals" living on another world we might colonize in the far future.  Everyone always thinks we'll meet intelligent aliens first, but that might not be the case. 

The graphics are amazing, and I think the developers put a lot of thought into this game.  They're still working on it, and I've been providing feedback for the game.  Their forum was closed for a while due to spam issues, but it's back up now.  I just hope that when the game is fully done, it'll be spectacular. Nod 
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AuroranHellcat93 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You've got my attention too LadyAquanine. Where would I go about finding this game?
LadyAquanine73551 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016
Oh!  You can find it here:

It's actually kind of funny how I found this game.  It was completely by accident.  I was looking for pictures of aliens (and not from the Aliens franchise :giggle:) online one night, and I saw what looked like a really strange version of the sand worms from Dune.  But these were different sand worms from another planet.  The artist was working on concept art for the game mentioned above, and it piqued my interest.  When I found the main site and read up, I was hooked.  Keep in mind, the game costs $24.99, and this is the test version.  I'm gonna ask them on the forums if we'll have to pay for it again after it is released in 2017. 

You will need a free account on  They'll explain more on the main site for Aven Colony.    
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November 21, 2016