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February 21, 2012
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Anne's tan riding outfit by LadyAquanine73551 Anne's tan riding outfit by LadyAquanine73551
This outfit just wouldn't be complete without the hat. A lot of girls like Anne's feathered hat. Since they didn't have one in the game, I made it out of black beads & pearls.

This reminds me of something I learned recently about real Tudor fashion. When Henry VIII started wearing his famous flattened bonnets with the ostrich feathers, the hat became so popular that BOTH men & women wore it, and the styles did vary a little. Mom joked that a lot of ostriches ran around naked in Africa in those days so that every rich person in England could have feathers in their hats.

This costume was actually a 2nd version. First time around I didn't put as much detail in the bodice, nor was there a hat at all. The image has gotten 2 crowns for intricate , and 1 for accurate (probably to the costume itself) on Doll-Divine so far :)

Not everyone liked the dress, though, partially b/c it was inaccurate, but also b/c some of the fabrics looked like a bunch of upholstery had been thrown together. Maybe it might have looked better if the sleeves matched the fabric of the under-skirt.

It's weird, but some of these costumes actually look better in the scene-maker than they did on the show. Maybe it's a cartoon thing.

It actually looks like it would be fun to wear while horseback riding through the woods near a Renaissance Fair :)

This dress was a recycled costume. It was originally used in the movie "Elizabeth," with Cate Blanchett as the star. There are a TON of costumes they recycled from various Renaissance films for this tv show, and sometimes they got really mixed up with time periods. A lot of commentators complained about the fact that some of the characters were wearing costumes ahead of their time, & Anne was no exception. The biggest problem w/ her wardrobe was it was Elizabethan, & it makes very little sense, fiction or no, that she would be wearing such clothes ahead of their time.
MAHGOL-DC-LOVER Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014
wow this is amazing
LadyAquanine73551 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014
Thank you :)
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