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Anne's blue and gold gown by LadyAquanine73551 Anne's blue and gold gown by LadyAquanine73551
Yet another Anne Boleyn costume that "Tudors" fans will recognize. By itself, it's a beautiful dress. Blue is my fave color, & the gold over-skirt really sets it off, though it doesn't really match the gown itself. It's almost as if somebody attached it at the last minute.

I didn't notice this until recently. Apparently the costume designers worked an extremely subtle symbol into this gown. I read in Eric Ives' book, "The Life & Death of Anne Boleyn," that Anne & Henry actually had a secret code of symbols between them, something that was embroidered into much of Anne's trappings as well as being featured on frescoes & said to be found in secret notes between them. It was the Acorn & the Honeysuckle. The acorn was Henry, & the honeysuckle flower was Anne, and the design shows them growing out of a single plant, just like the inter-twining of their love relationship. If you look at Anne's stomacher, you can see the flowers & acorns embroidered into it :). Very clever on the costume designers' part. Too bad they didn't try that clever stuff on other costumes in this series.

From a historical perspective, such a gown would have been impossible to make b/c they lacked the dyeing technique to achieve that shade of aqua blue. The dress also (like nearly all the dresses in this series) lacks the well-known bell sleeves that most Tudor ladies had on their costumes.

I saw a video with Anne wearing this dress and upstaging Cardinal Wolsey, Henry VIII's closest adviser & friend at the time. It's been well-documented that Anne and him were rivals, due to the fact that he was the biggest obstacle to her getting married to the king & removing Catherine from the picture. In some novelizations, she blames him for blabbing to her father about her secret marriage to Henry Percy.

In the video, she at first is dismissed by the Cardinal, who wonders what a "silly girl like her" would want with the king. He comes in a day or so later & sees that same "silly girl" in the King's presence, acting like a Queen and being treated as an equal. Anne's wearing the pale blue gown, though I would have to agree w/ the commentators on the wiki. She was wearing this really cheap-looking headdress that was not necessary to complete the outfit at all. It's as if she grabbed it on the way to the king's chambers and thought to herself "this should make me look especially like a queen for that stupid cardinal."

Personally, I think they chose an actor who was much too thin to play Wolsey. I like him b/c he played Dr. Grant on "Jurassic Park," and he was the star of the "Merlin" miniseries. The real Cardinal Wolsey was not very attractive; he had a nose the could have punctured the Titanic and must have weighed 300 lbs. (Take a look at paintings of him if u don't believe me).
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