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Anne Boleyn's white pageant dress by LadyAquanine73551 Anne Boleyn's white pageant dress by LadyAquanine73551
The outfits all the ladies (including Anne) wore in the pageant scene looked kind of bizarre. They looked across between burlesque dancers & ballerinas. A commentator on the wiki even said that the dresses looked more like underwear than costumes for a public spectacle like that. The gold crowns the girls wore looked especially silly. Though it is kind of romantic how Henry & Anne met in that scene.

Henry VIII was known to write pageants & star in them. I think the term "mummery" applies there, but I'm not sure. If there is a Renaissance fan who knows more, pls speak up. Anyway, today Henry would have been like a rock star who wrote, directed, produced, & starred in his own pageants. (At least, when he was young, & not quite insane yet).

This pageant actually did happen, and Anne was in it, but she and the King didn't really meet face-to-face then. Henry noticed Anne a few years later. It was Anne's first appearance at the Tudor court after her return from France. Also, the ladies probably wore white versions of the famous Tudor gowns we know, rather than the crazy underwear tutus.

The account I found of what really happened can be found here:


Maybe I can do some pageant pictures with comparisons b/w the show & what the historical account says *hmmmm....*
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