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OMG! I can't contain my excitement! Aw man!  This game is so addictive!  It's nice to be back in the ME universe after a few years of not playing. :shuffelin:  My brother introduced me to the original Mass Effect games back in '09 or '10, somewhere back then.  Normally I'm not into shoot-'em-up games, but Mass Effect N7 Chat Icon in general is different. Nod  It's a story-driven 3rd-person shooter, much like the online games I play, except I usually need a disc CD-ROMReadingThe story is very rich and well-developed, ranking up there with sci-fi franchises like Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Babylon 5, and a few others Dance!.  They even make subtle references to the other materials, but you'd have to be a super sci-fi geek to pick up on them. Giggle  

:happybounce: I had fun playing various Shepards, (fans call the girl versions of Commander Shepard, FemShep, or FemShepard).  It's one reason I like RPG games these days :happy:.  You can choose to be a guy or a girl.  You also can make choices in how you follow the story in the game.  I didn't have as much breathing room in games like Dragonriders: Chronicles of Pern, or other games like that.  Like with all my games, I play it on my PC.  I'm not into Xbox or Playstation, or Wii like some people are.  It doesn't make me better or worse than them, it's just what I'm comfortable with.  My brief assessment of the first 3 games was:

1.) Mass Effect - Love it, despite how "primitive" the graphics are compared to later games.

2.) Mass Effect 2 - Love it, though it is a bit darker and has long-lasting consequences.

3.) Mass Effect 3 - I didn't like it enough to play it through, and was upset at the BS they pulled with the storyline. :angry 

Hyper Jump So now, we've got a whole new sci-fi soldier to play, and in another galaxy to boot.  It's been 4 or 5 years since I last played any ME games, but a lot of the gameplay is familiar in this one, and it takes place in the same universe.  In Mass Effect Andromeda, you play a soldier with the last name Ryder.  Back before the events of Mass Effect 3 started, you, your twin, your dad, and thousands of other people went into cryo sleep on gigantic space arks Zyrx2 that were launched to go colonize the Andromeda Galaxy.  For 634 years, your character and all the people with them were frozen, only to wake up and find disaster waiting for them :nuu:.  Special space telescopes had been used to find a promising region called the Heleus Cluster stars in the Andromeda Galaxy.  Seven "Golden Worlds" Globe were sighted as suitable spots to start building colonies for humans and all the aliens that came along with them.  Problem was, things happened in the 600+ years while your people were traveling across dark, empty space.  All the "Golden Worlds" you thought were suitable for people to live on turned out to be a bust Facepalm, there's some kind of weird phenomenon called the Scourge that nearly destroyed your ark ship and has been wreaking havoc all over the cluster.  You've got an evil race of aliens called the Kett causing trouble (first contact resulted in shooting), and your character's dad, who is supposed to be the Pathfinder for the Human ark, dies in the process of keeping you alive Crying, forcing you, the young, inexperienced soldier, to become the new Pathfinder for the mission. 

So you run into a lot of problems, but with the help of a very interesting team of friends wink grin, you pull the entire mission back from the brink of disaster, and make some amazing discoveries. 

I'd tell more, but the game hasn't been out long, and not everyone has played it through yet Lips Sealed.  It's the first Mass Effect game I've played where I don't use a disc, though the game was still expensive Stubborn Smiley.  It was nice, though, to make Ryder look more like me than Shepard ever did :lol:.  The character customization isn't as articulate as Sims 2, but it's better than the original ME games.  Plus, I recognized the voice actress for this character too! Happy cry (Tears of joy) She does the voice of the female Smuggler on Star Wars the Old Republic.  I think Ryder may also be younger than Shepard was, like, 18 or 20. 

I've been meaning to play other games, but I can't tear myself away from where Mass Effect Andromeda is going.  Can't wait to see what happens next! :happybounce: 
  • Listening to: Peter & Evynn Hollens on YouTube
  • Reading: Blood Red by Mercedes Lackey
  • Watching: Mythbusters
  • Playing: Mass Effect Andromeda
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Mountain Breeze



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