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Leprechaun Emoticon Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!  I hope you're all enjoying the holiday as much as I am Happy St. Patricks Day.  Today was very special for me, because today, the live-action version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast came out in theaters!  I was so happy and excited--heck, I'm still feeling that way :happy:.  It was wonderful.  It was everything I hoped it would be, including the new stuff :happybounce:.  Emma Watson was especially good as Belle Beauty and the Beast - Belle Icon 7.  I knew she would be a good choice for the part.  Dan Stevens was phenomenal as the Beast Beauty and the Beast - Beast Icon 1, and I loved the computer animation use with the enchanted objects.  It followed the original cartoon very closely, with a few new things, like some extra songs Singing, character development, some minor story changes, and a slightly different look on characters.  There was also more magic Magic Wand.  When I saw the permanent winter snowfall Snowy around the Beast's castle, I came very close to asking, "Let me guess; it's always winter, and never Christmas?" Giggle 

My only real complaint Grump, really, was the fact that a bunch of idiot parents brought in kids that were pre-school age, and totally not ready to see a movie like this.  If it weren't for my extreme love Heart of the story itself, and concentrating really hard on the film, and some very hard-earned patience I've learned over the years, I would have come very close to yelling :Ahhhhhhhh:at those morons to get their kids out of there.  When are these people gonna learn that PG-rated Disney movies longer than an hour are not events you take little toddlers to?! :angry: Or babies Baby La for that matter?!  You wait 'till they are 6 years old (at minimum), for God's sake! :angry  We had kids going in and out with their parents, we had babies crying, and kids making a ruckus fair fight in various parts of the theater.  It's no wonder some people opt for child-free airplane rides. Angry I'm amazed we all didn't go stir-crazy Chainsaw.  I work with babies baby eager and toddlers at my job, and I know for a fact they are mentally not ready to sit through a two-and-a-half-hour movie Film and stay quiet.  Seriously. Impatient Best you can do is pop a pre-school DVD CD-ROM in the player at home or at the daycare center and let the story run in the background Tv Emoticon.   Either that, or get a GD baby-sitter and go without the danged kids!

The only thing worse was watching nearly FORTY MINUTES of previews! I think I've fainted. (Well, it felt like 40 minutes Oh Brother...).  It's like..."Did we come to see a movie?  Or an endless stream of commercials about movies we don't care about?"  (Though the new Wonder Woman, Power Rangers, and Transformers movies look interesting).  I ask you, do we really need another Smurfs or Despicable Me movie?  Hell, I wouldn't have watched those, even when I was a kid! Shiver There are times I have half a mind to take a short nap catnap while waiting for previews.  Problem is, I'd risk sleeping through part of the movie too Sad dummy.  Oh well. Shrug  

The family had wanted to go to the city Town Walk today, to see a museum, a park Day89 - Fireworks, and eat at a famous restaurant, but the problem was, some of us had stayed up late :sleepy: remake and were almost zombies Braaaaains... when we got up at 8 a.m.  To make matters worse, we realized that traffic cars cant fly would be difficult, due to all the St. Paddy's Day Happy St. Patricks Day parades going on, so we decided to do the day-trip next weekend.  Oh well Shrug.  I still liked seeing Beauty and the Beast instead. :shuffelin: 

Two weeks ago, the whole family teamed up to do some extreme gardening.  It's not as crazy as the ordeal our poor gardener has had to do, but he likes earning a living, so he is more than happy to do jobs that involve a chainsaw or hedge-trimmer on those monstrous plants in our backyard (I'll explain in a moment). 

See, we moved into this lovely new home House last summer that passed all the tests we had for house requirements:

- 1-story
- spacious
- under 20 years old
- 2 sinks in the master bathroom
- a powder room
- a large, fenced-in backyard with a high fence (for our doggy, Domino)
- a 3-car garage with an equally large driveway
- not too expensive
- an island in the kitchen
- decently-spaced-out rooms

However, as with any home you buy that's not new, you have to deal with the crap the previous owners left behind.  It turns out the wife of the previous house owner was totally nuts about the desert Cactus Blob environment she had left behind in her homeland.  So she chose to grow Agave, and other desert plants. Problem was, she refused to have them trimmed or kept up for 18 years, and now our backyard has these gigantic, monstrous-looking desert plants all over the place.  While they are artfully arranged, it still feels like walking into an alien landscape.  The two types of Agave look like tentacled monsters Slender Tentacles ready to lash out and eat you.  However, in measuring their heights, I got up close and personal (literally) with these beasties Cactus Blob, and thankfully, they will not eat you Impatient, but they do poke and scratch a lot.  They don't move unless you push on their leaves, or the wind Day132 - Outside blows through the yard.  We live at the top of a gently sloping hill, so the wind is a little stronger in our location when it blows. 

Mom tried advertising the plants for sale online, but nobody seemed interested.  Best we've been able to do is let friends dig up the baby plants that have been allowed to grow around the base of the giant Agave's.  Some people like or even love desert plants, and having them in your yard when living in the desert would be practical, due to the plants being natives of that environment, and not needing much water.  I have an aunt in Vegas who does that, Xeriscape gardening, it's called, to save on water.  However, my family doesn't like desert plants, and we really don't like having gravel and "ankle-breaker" rocks Pixel gemstones - Nephrite everywhere instead of grass, so the desert plants have to go.

I didn't want to leave Domino Rue Grin alone in the house or backyard during the job, so I locked the leash on its fullest length, looped it around the front banister of our front porch (we have a ridiculously large, deep, cavernous front porch), clipped the dog to it, and I brought out a bowl of water for him to drink from in case he got thirsty.  Wolf Attack Loop He liked being included, even though he didn't know what we were doing in the yard Giggle.  We've done it before with our dogs, so it was an easy setup.  Periodically we'd talk to Domino from where we were working, or go over to pet him.  When the job was done for the day, we brought him back into the house.  It's a nice way to keep your pet from being lonely, but you can also keep track of them too. Wink 

Like I said before, the whole family teamed up two days in a row (though dad had to work on the first day) and we cleared out a strip of dirt along the front of the two flowerbeds.  I cannot tell you how crazy it was, having to dig :spadethreaten: not only gravel, but big rocks out of the soil as well.  We threw :throw rock:all the large rocks into the side yard nearby, and they made loud crack! sounds when they landed.  They almost sounded like minor fireworks when they landed.  That area is supposed to lead to the west gate, but we locked that permanently when we moved in, so we don't care if nobody can reach it easily.  The soil was terrible.  It was like baked clay, and we had to break it up and fill in the holes with potting soil for each new flower :PeachBlossom: we planted.  Mom wants lilies and hyacinths.  I'm going to plant Stargazers eventually.  The potting soil technique was one we developed in Illinois, years back.  Same problem too, with crappy, baked clay soil (despite living in an area with rich sod for farming).  Stupid landscapers brought us cheap river-bottom clay instead of rich black soil :shakestick:, so we had to compensate for our gardens.  It works, I'm happy to say Phew!.  I think mom's eventually going to have the men in the family install that plastic landscaping border we got from the store.  It'll prevent the garden from being lost to the yard or the gravel we left behind.  Coincidentally, it rained :umbrella: the day after the second day of gardening.  Guess God wanted to water our plants too :lol:.  We have more work to do, but it's a good start, and our front garden looks better already.  Nod 

:floweraww: Spring is most definitely here.
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